Skmana Lake

Volunteer Opportunities

We need people for a wide variety of jobs, if you have a special skill and would like to volunteer your expertise, give Darcy a call. His number can be found under our Contact page.

Fundraising Co-ordinator - Includes everything from Corporate donation requests to bottle drives and silent auctions. This activity can be done anytime during the year. New ideas are welcome.

Trail Grooming - Includes operating snowmobiles and pulling grooming equipment as well moving snow manually and tree cutting and clipping. Generally trails need grooming 2 - 3 times per week, depending on snow conditions and new snow falls.

Activity Planner - Determines and organizes on hill activities, including advertising the events and attending as host.

Parade Decoration Crew - An annual one time event usually in November during Chase Christmas Activities.

Membership Drives & Processing - Responsible for advertising for new members as well as collecting enrollment forms and collecting fees.