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2024/25 Membership Fees:

To help support our Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Club please complete the online registration.

If you require assistance or are unable to purchase your membership online – please send us and email and we will make other arrangements to get you registered!!

Membership fees listed below include $9 to Cross Country BC and $10 to Nordiq Canada, which is how Skmana Ski and Snowshoe Club is able to operate and have insurance.

Adult (19+)


Youth (13-18)


Child (12 and under)


Family (maximum 2 adults plus all children under 18)


Your membership “card” can be printed from the online registration program.

If you choose to not become a member, our drop-in fee is: $10 day / per person. Please sign in and put your money in the yellow bullet next to the trail sign at the beginning of the trails.



If you have some time to spare – even a little – we would a love to discuss the volunteer opportunities we have.

Skmana is possible through the hard work of our volunteers…..we are 100% volunteer run.